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Journeyman III

Erratic GPU percentage during gaming (PUBG) but not during stress tests

When gaming (particularly PUBG), I get severely erratic GPU usage percentage which I believe is causing stuttering and FPS drops.  Temperatures are excellent and CPU usage approaches but doesn't hit 100%.  This doesn't occur during Furmark CPU + GPU stress testing (which is far more demanding)  Any idea what's causing this?


Intel i5-750 OC @ 3.6

16gb DDR3 RAM

AMD RX 480 4GB with latest 18.2.2 drivers

Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3R with latest bios

During gaming:


During Furmark's simultaneous CPU & GPU stress testing:


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Re: Erratic GPU percentage during gaming (PUBG) but not during stress tests

be the newest adrenaline drivers. Did you have the same issue with previous drivers or the last of 2017 drivers. A suggestion is roll back to the most stable driver of last year & try again. Atm running on a rx5604G I am on 17.12.1 drivers as the latest with 10 creators update has played havoc with the AMD drivers. I found updates from jan onwards with creators has made the newest adrenaline drivers really choppy hit of miss. Some builds are working some arnt. I had problems with display port drivers not working with my monitor. Yet rolled back to the 17.12.1 drivers been stable 11 days without a outage yet. Not the best tho need some help but most stable for games I play I was playing Hunt showdown Alpha with relive pulling 30-40 fps on medium settings tho havnt dared trying new drivers again after the issues I have encountered. Been here done that with iffy drivers but both brands have been iffy coz of microsoft updates atm.