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Adept II


Do we know if RDNA 2 will support a new version of AMD VCE competitive to the NVENC?

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Journeyman III

It is about time to improve the VCE far more than in the past. It can't be that we would like to buy an AMD Graphicscard, but are having a pain in arse with it while streaming or encoding in general. 
I can't even believe that the encoder on Intel Quick Sync is even better for streaming on H.264 than AMD VCE.
How is that possible? These issues are known since years and peoples advice on the internet is "well if you just wanna game you can go AMD, but if you want to stream or encode you are better off with any recent nVidia product" due to nvenc, than with any Radeon RX card.

For a closer look i refer to this test:

e are begging you, please improve performance dramatically for your VCE on H.264, because H.265 for streaming is not even near to come. 

Kind regards and best wishes.