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Journeyman III

Duel Monitor Setup Stopped Working After Years of Use with XFX R9 390

After years of trouble free use yesterday my XFX R9 390 stopped working with two 1440p monitors. At first my computer black screened a few times while video editing, as if it was over heating and the display port on the graphics card failed. I checked to make sure the fan was going 100%, but it didn't even seem hot. It was strange. I decided to update my radeon graphics driver and a windows update (I don't recall the order, but my computer pulled down the dreaded Windows October Update).

Suddenly I discovered I can no longer even boot into Windows 10 with duel monitors attached to my graphics card! I can use either monitor in either DVI port with no problems, but the moment both are plugged in I get a black screen crash. Duel monitors works during bios and boot until it hits the Windows log-in, then it fails. With a single monitor attached the GPU works normally under load.
I've also tried plugging the second monitor in hot after Windows has loaded... as soon as it's plugged in the first monitor goes black with no signal.
This issue really has me baffled. I've tried a handful of old radeon drivers going back to 16.3.2. I used the radeon cleaning utility tool in between each one. No Luck.
Ironically in Windows 10 I can get the second monitor running as a mirror with the default Windows Basic Graphics driver. I can see in settings the second monitor isn't actually recognized though... for example to set up a extended desktop.
I thought the problem might be three years of dust and grime, so I thoroughly disassembled and cleaned the graphics card. I even replaced the thermal paste and pads. The graphics card runs a little cooler now, but Duel Monitors still don't work.
Is it the graphics card? Is it the drivers? Is it the Windows 10 October Update? A combination of these? I can't tell. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance


Ryzen 1700X with a Asrock Taichi 470 motherboard
32 GB of Crucial Ballistic Ram running at 2666 mhz
XFX R9 390 Double Dissipation Graphics Card (Air Cooled with aggressive custom fan curve from 50-70C)
Two Crossover 1440p Monitors attached with Duel-Link DVI cables
Toshiba 240gb SSD and plenty of hard-drives
Lastly, I'm not sure if it's relevant but my 390 has been running a modest overclock for the last three years using MSI Afterburner.
  • +50 Core Voltage
  • +40 Power Limit
  • 1120 Clock Speed
  • 1600 Memory Speed
  • Custom two point Fan Curve: 1) 50% at 50C and below... 2) 100% fan starting at 70C
Usually when video editing my graphics card would peak at 61C.
*I've reverted to Default Graphics Card settings while trying to trouble shoot my graphics card.
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Journeyman III

Re: Duel Monitor Setup Stopped Working After Years of Use with XFX R9 390

For testing purposes I was able to swap my graphics card out for an old Radeon HD5450. The HD5450 was able to run multiple monitors in windows 10 no problem... So I think my R9 390 graphics card maybe starting to fail now.

I also tried running two monitors using one on the HDMI port. Same immediate black screen crash after bios loading.

Journeyman III

Re: Duel Monitor Setup Stopped Working After Years of Use with XFX R9 390

FYI for other troubleshooters out there... yesterday I started to black screen crashes while trying to edit on a single monitor. I confirmed the gpu fans were running 100%... after it happened a few times in a row I declared the graphics card dead. In hindsight the symptoms I've listed above were the beginning of the end.