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Journeyman III

Dual monitor setup with R9 Fury using DP

Hey there.
Just got r9 fury for $180 a few days ago, while waiting for RX to come out. I'm using CHG70 monitor from Samsung, which is a 1440p 144hz panel with FreeSync support, but to get that I need to use DP as HDMI output on fury is only 1.4, and it's anyway needed for my second monitor. The problem is that each time I turn on my computer I only see bios & windows booting up on my second screen (which is standing vertically), and then that screen goes black, so in the end I get two black screens. If I then turn off my main screen, I can see everything on my second screen, so I log in and wait a couple of seconds to turn my main screen back on. It will still be black, so I would need to go and move the DP cable from one port to another, and only then I finally get my setup running. 
Same happens if second monitor is not used at all. So without it, I would be able to use my main monitor with DP at all. With HDMI both of the screens work perfectly, but again, I can't use that as it won't work with 144hz screen. Also, I have problems with FreeSync. FreeSync was the main reason to choose AMD over nvidia, so it better works ;-; Each time I try to enable FreeSync on my monitor, my screen goes black and monitor menu starts flickering. I manager to fix this by increasing "Adjust Voltage Swing" to 2 in Adrenalin, but it seems like it gets reseted each time I reboot. 
Before the upgrade I had HD7850 from Gigabyte and I didn't experience any of these problems. Everything was flawless. The difference was a different cable (as I had to use MiniDP-DP cable instead) and a different card, obviously.
What I tried:
- different procedures of turning on the PC, including switching on & off both screens and switching ports
- updating drivers (shouldn't matter though, as I don't see an image even in BIOS), currently using 18.11.2 (18.12 has a bug with alt+tab, so I'm waiting for now)
- updating BIOS
- switch vBIOS switch on the card 

What I haven't tried:
- using different DP cable, because the one I'm using right now came with the monitor and it seems pretty solid. I can't be sure about it, but it costs money which I don't want to spend unless I know that it's the problem. I've also seen people with exact same problem who claimed they tried 4 different cables, but there was no solution from them
- different monitor, as I don't have anything that has DP input
- different system overall, as it's probably AMD's fault anyway 

My rig:
- 6700k
- Asus maximus viii hero
- Sapphire R9 Fury Tri-X
- Corsair RM750i
- Samsung CHG70 DP cable

A video showcasing my problem: R9 Fury with DP monitor - YouTube

I googled a lot, wasted like 8 hours already trying to figure this out. I know it's not an official AMD support or anything, just seeking for help in the community. Still got 10 days to get money back for the card. 

Thanks regardless.
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