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Journeyman III

Dual Monitor Problem - Only one works at a time. Please help!

I've got a gaming rig computer with an MSI 4GB AMD R7-370 graphics card. My main monitor setup is a BenQ XL2730Z which is connected to the display-port on my card. I also had a Samsung 1080p TV connected the same card via HDMI for dual monitor setup that I use from time to time. I just upgraded that TV to a new new 4K TV. It's the TCL 43S517. For whatever reason, I CANNOT get both the BenQ monitor and the TV to work at the same time in a dual monitor setup. When I connect the TCL to HDMI, the computer makes a sound (like something new is connected) but then nothing is recognized and the TV shows "No Signal Detected". Windows 10 display screen shows that it thinks only 1 monitor is connected. Other times when I try to have both connected, the BenQ monitor will also black out and say no signal. It's very strange. The BenQ monitor is 2560 x 1440. I even tried to lower the resolution of the BenQ to 1920x1080 before connecting the TCL. Same result --- no signal on the TCL and/or the BenQ.

If I ONLY connect the TCL to the graphics card (HDMI) it works fine even at 4K. Once i then connect the BenQ via display port, one or both screens will black and and display No signal detected. I tried connecting the TCL to my Lenovo laptop via HDMI and it works fine no problem in the dual monitor setup.  I called MSI and they were absolutely no help. They told me that I need an 8GB video card to do dual monitor with a 4K TV. I questioned his reasoning and then decided to save my time and energy and hang up.

The TV has an option for input settings to change from Auto to HDMI 1.4 to HDMI 2.0. I've tried all options to no help.

My video card only has 1 HDMI connector and then it has the Display-Port, and a few DVI connectors. Perhaps I need to get an adapter and have both the BenQ Monitor and the TV hooked up via HDMI? I thought display-port was the best option for my high performance monitor.

Any help or insight would be most appreciated!

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Journeyman III

Re: Dual Monitor Problem - Only one works at a time. Please help!

So follow up. Fixed it on my own.

Set display driver to generic. Uninstalled AMD's drivers. Rebooted. Ran the AMD Clean utility. Rebooted. Reinstalled AMD drivers. Rebooted. All good!

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