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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Dual Graphics APU+7950 - HDMI differences?

Hey, I just recently upgraded my APU to a 7870K and while I was at it I decided I would enable the onboard graphics alongside my dGPU for random shenanigans like stream rendering, extra multi-monitors, etc. Well when running video off of ONLY the dGPU, a 7950, I could have my regular monitor on DVI and a secondary, a TV, thru HDMI, and could do whatever with no issues, change inputs on the TV to check on another PC, switch over to cable, switch to the XBOX 360, and the PC was rock solid, desktop was still there just not visible, soon as the tv switched back to the right input windows was back like i left it. Now I have the HDMI into the motherboard for the APU to handle the TV. But, in this config whenever the channel changes on the TV the computer acts like something has been unplugged, restarts the GPU driver and tosses the second desktop, stacking everything on the main monitor. Is this expected? Am I going to have to run the TV off of the discrete and leave the dedicated display on the APU? IS this to do with multiple GPUs being used? I'd really like to have the same functionality I had with the solo GPU setup while being able to focus the performance GPU on games and compute.

If there is some setting I can change to make the APU act more like the 7950 when it comes to HDMI it would be very helpful, I need to be able to change channels on the TV.

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