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Journeyman III

drivers uninstalling

I've had my system for many years now without fault but 2 days ago while I was playing GTA 5, the game crashed and i could see it flickering and seen an error box with something like Radeon drivers failed to load/start. I was about done anyway and just thought it was a random crash so ignored it and turned off the PC. Yesterday I go to play GTA 5 again but it says my computer does not meet the required specs, which surprised me, after clicking cancel it would take me to Rockstars website with the specs but closed it and tried GTA again, it came up again with not meet required specs again but this time i clicked OK and it loaded the game but in a very small window and the graphics were set to the lowest it could go and it wouldn't let me change many options so quit again and checked Radeon Icon in sys tray and it said there was no drivers installed. For some reason I checked DXDIAG and it said I had 0MB of VRAM. So clean installed the latest Radeon Graphics Drivers and all seemed fine and also with DXDIAG said i had 4GB of VRAM, started GTA 5 and 5 mins in i ALT+Tab to the desktop and it kept flicking from the Desktop to GTA 5 so i Killed the process for GTA 5 and checked Radeon Icon in sys tray again and it said no drivers are installed again and DXDIAG saying no VRAM again. So once again clean reinstalled drivers and tried another game Tripico 6 which loaded but kept flickering, closed that game and tried to load Snooker 19 (I think) but that said OpenGL had experienced a fatal error. Is my graphic's card on the way out? Any help would be appreciated.

Playing game it crashed and drivers are gone


            Reinstalled some old drivers 19.11.03 and all games now working fine, seems to be a problem with the new drivers 19.12.2 with my old hardware 

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