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Journeyman III

Does this GPU have a broken connection?

Hello folks, 

I have an issue with an AMD R9 270x (sapphire) that I was hoping someone could shed some light on. It's from a colleagues sons PC I built for him, apparently the screen has been going funny and then the PC is endlessly restarting with a blue screen. Sadly I've not seen this happen to fully know what's going on, someone else said it was the Motherboard which has been sent back but I'm trying to test the GPU to eliminate that as the fault (which I suspect it is). 

I've plugged it into one PC with drivers for an RX570 and windows 7. I get to signing in, and when I do, the screen goes black and the PC has to be manually shut down. It will only run in safe mode where it won't allow me to change the drivers and I get some strange colours in Windows explorer (a bit like playing an old game in simplified colours, 256 bit age of empires?). 

So I scrapped that plan and connected it to a different computer, it all turns on fine, but the screen cuts out and flickers lots. With the case open I can very carefully wobble the GPU and this is the cause (when left alone it does it too), I had the hold the GPU in one place for the display to stay on. 

Basically I want to know if that means the GPU connection to the motherboard is buggered and the card has to be scrapped, or if this could be fixed if anyone has seen a similar problem. Apologies for the lengthy essay, trying to give all the info I have. I took a video of the screen/card wobbling which will hopefully show above. 


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