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Journeyman III

DisplayPort on rx 570 no longer working properly.

As the title says, the displayport my rx 570 has stopped working but the HDMI port still works just as fine. I tried updating some drivers to get rid of the green flash on my screen and pretty much my second monitor no longer works now. I have a displayport to hdmi adapter for my secondary monitor and a direct HDMI connection for my primary monitor. My computer will pick up the secondary monitor but nothing is displaying and in the settings it says that the display is 640x480 (both of my monitors are 1080). My secondary monitor shows that there's a signal but has no feed so is flashing the power saving mode. I switched both cables to see if it was a cable/monitor issue but they are both working as they should. I ran the AMD cleanup tool and reinstalled the drivers and I still get the same issue. I did a driver rollback and it makes it worse now, Kinda stuck on what to do now.