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Disabling ULPS

So not that long ago 'disable ULPS' was a setting which was pretty much a 'must' for multigpu users, since it could resolve stuttering and such.

Nowadays I still see people advising others just to do that when having a crossfire setup.

I'd like to hear thoughts on why it's still 'a necessity' other than just a 'troubleshooting' option.

To my knowledge ULPS's main feature is completely disabling the second GPU when it's not being used, like with Desktop applications, or games with no Crossfire support. Disabling ULPS leaves the second GPU enabled, but at a low clock speed.

Whenever an application has proper crossfire support, the second GPU will be activated and remain in use throughout the entire application session, unless you go to windowed mode, or taskswitch to the desktop.

So what are the actual benefits to still having it disabled? I personally haven't experienced any difference between off and on, so I'd like to know!

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