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Did One of My GPU's Just Die?

   Hi i've made a recent post about my graphics card reguarding (Possible memory issues? i may be stupid and wrong) anyhow more importantly now i have another issue. so i have used this card for quite some time (amd HD7990) and it has worked well for me for a long time. just today i had updated to the new drivers (19.9.3) and my game later crashed and upon restarting one of my GPU's didnt show as responsive (it is a dual GPU card). It says its at 0 degrees and the memory has been reduced in the amd manager clocking tab as well as the GPU workload. but nothing actually happens on the graph so the first gpu is showing no life. however the 2nd is working fine as of right now except for slight artifacting/tearing ive noticed when playing a game. so im stumped. another thing is i have taken the card out for cleaning and reinstalled it. im using the Asus z97 pro gamer motherboard. i have 3 pcie slots but 2 are appartently used by the cpu. so that leaves me with one actual pcie slot. i dont know if the slot has been damaged. i doubt it. and the card is installed correctly. on bootup the vga light appears for a short moment and disapears so that is also quite strange. i cant find my graphics card(s)(because dual gpu single card im not actually crossfiring, even tho crossfire is on it seems to have no effect) in BIOS settings so i may just be stupid in that department too. anyhow after reinstalling the temperatures showed lower in amd settings. and my 1st gpu showed as working normally. i dont know if updating has caused a fatal issue with my card or another internal failure from the stands of time. i did revert to 19.9.2 and it hasnt changed anything. it is later in the night right now so i havnt used ddu or anything to completely uninstall drivers. but i did use amd clean install even tho i know this does not necessarily delete all files of previous or future versions. Can anyone give me tips on potential solutions for these issues? many thanks.

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Download GPU-Z and see what it shows.

Also you might want to stress test the GPU card to see if the test fails or you see something abnormal.  I personally like OCCT since it stress tests the CPU, GPU, and PSU. The GPU it also tests for vRAM memory errors.

It is possible that one of the GPU Processors became defective.

In addition to the fine advice you already got a couple thoughts. How did you regress the driver. If you did not use DDU to remove the driver. Get if from wagnardsoft_com and you run it from safe mode with internet disabled. Follow the directions with it. I highly suggest you do that and try loading a previous driver that you know worked. Then all that advice already given is exactly what I would recommend too. The other thought in addition to that if possible is try the card in a second machine if possible if it's still bad you know for sure at that point it just went bad.

This is why I prefer 2 discrete cards, if one croaks its not as expensive to replace it.