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Adept I

Dell s3220dgf rx 5700xt freesync flickering

My Dell monitor is flickering really bad (brightness increasing/decreasing really fast) while gaming with Freesync enabled when i don't have steady fps. In Call of duty warzone, i get about 90-110 fps and the flickering occurs like every 10-20 secs. In games like forza horizon 4 the monitor is not flickering (maybe because it maintain 140+ fps).
I have connected the monitor both with display port and hdmi. the hdmi has less flickering, maybe because the monitor works at 144hz instead of 165.

I have read that i can lower the freesync range with CRU program to reduce flickering but when i try to change it, in Radeon Settings i cannot enable the Freesync option anymore it says that my monitor is not supported. I attached an image with the Freesync range which is the only option i changed. Funny thing is that if i revert it back to 48-144 i am still not able to enable Freesync until i run the  'reset-all.exe'. 

I am trying 3 days now to fix it but my knowledge on those things is pretty much 0.
Some say that this is how the Dell monito works and you can do nothing about it, others say that they fixed 
it with CRU.
Is there any way to at least disable Freesync and still have no visual tearing?
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Unfortunately, you can't do much. Brightness flickering with adaptive sync enabled happens due to monitor's brightness levels across it's variable refresh rate not being properly calibrated by the manufacturer.
You can try to disable sync at certain most "problemtatic" refresh rate points with CRU (ex.: limiting it to 120hz-144hz) but this would require time for trial and error and might not work stable in the end.
Options to avoid tearing with freesync disabled (adaptive sync) are vsync and enchanced sync. Both will remove tearing only when the frame rate of the game matches or exceeds the display's refresh rate. But even using 9900k&2080ti it's impossible to get stable 144 fps in most modern AAA games using 1440p resolution.

Honestly just return the monitor back to the shop if it is still possible and get the model that doesn't suffer from this issue.

Based on specs: 32 inch, 1440p, 144hz, VA, thin bezel, decent pixel response time and similar price - i can recommend getting LG 32GK650F.


oh perfect...this is really disappointing. I have already trashed the package... there is no way they will accept it back now. What if i set the monitor refresh rate to 110Hz and play games with VSync on? My card can maintain 110 fps in most games on medium settings


It depends on how much you can tolerate that. 
There are supported refresh rates under Display section in Windows settings (60hz, 75hz, 100hz, 120hz, 144hz, 165hz) - depends on the monitor, connection and gpu. You can use vsync (ingame option or forced in radeon settings) with those. 
Applying vsync with custom refresh rate (110hz) technically should work but you have to be ready dealing with issues and inconcistencies with certain applications.

You might be able not only to return that product but even RMA it due to being faulty (flickering). Worth a try in my opinion, but it's up to you!

Adept I

To be honest due to the fact that i have 110+ fps in most games i don't notice so much flickering with Freesync disabled except in RTS games where the camera is moving only in X or Y axis, but i would prefer it to work with Freesync on without any problems.
I will see what i can do with the RMA but i am not that positive.

Journeyman III

I just got the same monitor and I have the same problem. I have a RX 5600 XT. I had an older monitor with Freesync1 (27" 1080p 45-144Hz Range) on it and I never ever had any flickering with it. After looking around I found many many complaints about this problem with other monitors also and not just Dell. It seems to be a problem with VA monitors with freesync2 and possibly with Samsung LCDs. 

AMD, you need to do a better job with this freesync stuff. This many complaints is unacceptable.