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Journeyman III

dedicated graphics can no more play fifa 18 after Win 10 (1803)

My Laptop Specs:

HP Probook 450 g2

Intel core i5-5200 @ 2.2Ghz

Intel Graphics 5500 integrated

AMD Radeon R5 M255 dedicated


After Win 10 1803 update, My FIFA 18 refuses to launch with Dedicated GPU. It only launches with Integrated graphics and its unplayable.

Anytime i stat FIFA 18, it begins to cursor lag at 'Welcome screen (Ronaldo screen), and cant get past it with the 3 dots. Then it freezes and after about 3 minutes proceed with integrated graphics.

I have updated drivers from drivers versions 18.2.1 , 18.3.4, 18.5.1, 18.8.1, 18.4.1, all to no avail.

At first i thought my GPU was dead until i tried running another game (R6 Seige) and Voila- it worked. I monitored the GPU in Task Manager and could see 80 to 100% utilization. I playec normal for about an hour.

Any help as to what next to do???

NB: I should mention though that right after the update to Win 10 (1803), my Rainbow Six Seige begun almost always crashing to BSOD with issues with atimkd.sys file, Memory Managent and another error i have forgotten. But after i tried resolving the Fifa 18 by installing several drivers, the 18.4.1 now works okay with R6 Siege. But FIFA 18 still is unplayable.