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Journeyman III

DayZ:SA texture problem, funny little white dots

I built a new PC from scratch. Basically everything is new, except one of the SSDs that I use(d) for storage, and an old HDD.
My config:
  •     ASROCK X570 Steel Legend
  •     AMD Ryzen 7 3800X
  •     HyperX 16GB Fury
  •     SAMSUNG 500GB 970 EVO Plus M.2 PCIe (system)
  •     HyperX furx 240 GB ssd (old, only for storage)
  •     an old Samsung 750 GB HDD (only for storage)

AMD Driver: 20.1.3.

I played with an old RX470 for about 2 weeks. I had no problems (except the low fps )

Yesterday I bought a new card, a GIGABYTE GAMING OC Radeon RX 5700 XT. (I did clean install with DDU).

The RX470 was a ref card, and since I installed the new card, my case got cooler actually. My 5700 xt runs pretty cool, and my cpu idle and loaded temps are cooler as well. The card runs on 55-60-65 C°, the junction is around 70 C°.

I had no black screens deaths, only green screens. I could solve the issue easily, I just undervolted the card. Everything is perfect, but DayZ. I tried everything, but I have funny little white dots only on SPECIFIC textures. For example windows, lamps, trashcans. Maybe those are that have some reflections?

I cannot see them on trees, grass, fences, furnitures.

I have two videos as examples:

I tried Dying Light, State of Decay 2, Hunt:Showdown, Escape from Tarkov (yes you can see my taste of games as well) everything maxed out, no problems, no flickering, no white dots, nothing, only in dayz.

Is this a driver issue? I had problems few years back with dayz (with my rx470). Every tree had white dots between the leaves. I took a year break from dayz, and when I Installed again there was no problem (but they changed the game engine as well, so I don't know who solved the issue. The dayz devs or AMD). I won't say the card is defective, because everything else works.

If you search for rx 5700 xt and dayz on youtube you will find other users with this issue.

Every tip appreciated, I still have 12 days to decide if I want to return the card. Thank you in advance.

TL;DR: DayZ has small flickering white dots while playing, everything new in the PC, there is no overheat, did clean install (DDU), other games work fine.
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Adept I

i had the exact problem i updated my drivers but at the expensive of having to turn donw my graphics due to fps drops