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Journeyman III

DayZ low FPS Driver Bug RX 6800

Are there plans to fix the low-fps Bug for DayZ in a future driver update? Still have 40-60fps in Cities. In the Woods or smaller towns above 120fps. 

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Journeyman III

forgot to say: GPU-Loadout ist between 30 and 40 % in cities. Same Problem if everything is set to low. There is no difference in FPS between low and extreme. 

Please!!! Anyone who observes lags or bad graphics in dayz on AMD graphics cards write a review about it here

dayz developers will pay attention to this and finally fix the game for AMD users - this is the official bug report of the dayz website

P.S. I wrote about this problem in AMD and they answered me
that there are no problems with the drivers - it means that the problem is in the game and all questions are to the dayz developers