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Journeyman III

Cyan pixel aliasing on MacBook Pro 16" model; related to AMD graphics card

I have an issue with my brand new 2019 MacBook Pro 16". I can reproduce it on all MBP 16"s, and I'm certain it's somehow related to its supplementary graphics card: AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB. More people are experiencing this issue:
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Please help. 

Cyan or baby-blue pixels appear around thin white lines on dark/black backgrounds (images attached), where one would not expect any color. This happens on a display level; therefore the issue cannot be captured in a screenshot—the screen would need to be captured with a handheld camera.

How to reproduce:

- Use 2019 MacBook Pro 16” on Catalina
- Click Apple > About This Mac
- If Graphics card section only reads the built-in Intel, open as many graphic-intensive programs as possible, such as the Adobe Suite, or even GarageBand.
- Close and reopen About This Mac. Make sure AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB graphics card is shown in the list. This appears to mean it has been called in to help the default card with the graphics load.
- Open Display preference pane.
- Resolution > Default for display
- Check True Tone on. (This will increase likelihood of reproducing, but not required)

Now use the laptop and take notice of thin white graphics on black backgrounds, such as the left vertical line of even the cursor. Move the cursor and/or the graphics around on the screen. You may see a cyan chromatic aberration happening around those lines. Move cursor slowly left-to-right, and look at left vertical white line of cursor.

I have gone through two brand new MBP 16”s and the issue has been shown on both. I am able to easily reproduce the issue on all three 16” floor-models in the Apple store in Williamsburg. One out of three of those models was not showing the issue as easily, but will reproduce for 1 second after display resolution is toggled from small to default.

P.S. Issue can also be seen on the top thin white line on the battery icon in the menu bar on the top right, when Dark Mode is activated.