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Journeyman III

Custom Resolutions Messing with Color and Sharpness.

I heard that you could change the refresh rate of a locked display with custom resolutions, so I wanted to try it out. I made a custom resolution that was 1080p and 85 hertz, I selected it in windows, and the refresh rate worked. Except now my display quality had dropped not in resolution, but in clarity and color. The color was noticeably worse and so was the clarity on text and images. I attached a picture of the config for the custom resolution, but there is no reason it shouldn't work as intended. Calibrating the display does nothing, and the only thing that changes when I use the display settings on the actual monitor is the brightness. Any help is very much appreciated. 

                                                       (There was one before this that was set to the resolution of 1920x1080)


Edit: I figured out the color problem, but everything still looks blurry and grainy despite making the resolution the actual resolution of my display