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Adept I

[CS:GO Problem] Stuck on 4:3 Stretched

I was on blackbars to start with then I went into amd radeon settings and changed it to stretched.

like 4 months later here I am trying to change it back, but nothing is working. I tried turning gpu scaling off, preserve aspect ratio that didnt work.

I also went to

Gaming -> CS:GO -> Profile Options -> Display Scaling and made it Preserve aspect ratio.

that didn't work either. I've tried all the combinations I can think of and none of them work. I updated drivers to the newest version -  17.7.2 - didn't work.

I've watched every youtube video on how to get blackbars and that didnt work either. Tried reinstalling 17.7.2 drivers that didn't work.

I truly don't know what else I can do. I tried reverting back older drivers but for some reason when I restarted my PC I was on 17.7.2 again.

Any help?

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Adept I

Re: [CS:GO Problem] Stuck on 4:3 Stretched

I forgot to say that I have the AMD RX480

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