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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Crossfire Prevents Computer Shutdown/Restarts

I am back and with the same issue as before and the history of troubleshooting and background to the issue can be found here:Both Crimson 15.11 and 15.12 prevent windows from shutting down/rebooting

I am on the latest and greatest software/drivers. I was poking around and saw that my crossfire was disabled (due to the fact that one of the games I play doesn't support crossfire). So I enabled it, attempted to shutdown after some gaming and the computer hung again. After hard shutting and turning back on the PC, I disabled crossfire and attempted to shut down in which it did no problem. Again, after powering on the pc, I enabled crossfire and attempted to restart and the computer again, hung. Hard shut and turned back on, disabled the crossfire and attempted reboot, which completed successfully.

I am so puzzled as to why crossfire is causing my computer to hang on shutdown/restart. Please, does anyone have any other steps or anything at this point that I can take in order to resolve this. Turning on and off crossfire every time I boot up / shut down would be ridiculous. I'll part list again below:

ASUS Rampage V Extreme (XMP profile only)

Intel 5930k (stock)

32g (4x8g) GSkill DDR4 2400mhz (stock)

Dual 295x2 Sapphire Radeon (stock, 4gpus total)

Kingston Predator 240g PCI-e M.2 (OS drive)

Samsung evo 850 500gb (Game drive)

EVGA G2 1600w PSU

Dual Monitors: ASUS 27" 2560x1440 60hz

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Crossfire Prevents Computer Shutdown/Restarts

It sounds like something could be corrupted or damaged on your OS. I would recommend trying a fresh installation of Windows. Fully update Windows, install nothing else other than the latest Windows updates and then Crimson 16.3 drivers. Test if the issue is resolved.

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