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Adept II

Re: Create a queue for 6800 xt's

Yup, seems like a no brainer.  I think the internet has shown us that innovative scalpers and bots have ruined the normal shopping experience for these items.


We need simple fixes that don't require humans to wake up at 3:30 am to get these things.  Put people before hype, and use that slogan on all of this.  Make Nvidia and other companies that do these door buster things look bad.  There are a ton of human and corporate reasons to do it.

Adept I

Re: Create a queue for 6800 xt's

yes, very good idea, please get this right, at this moment is the situation very bad, please AMD supply more boards and make it a fair system. thanks, best greating from Holland, still waiting for a AMD RX 6800XT or RX 6900XT, last drops it fails during the order process, fail on last step. thanks if you make it possible. 

@thelvyn wrote:

Right now everyone is trying to figure out how to get these things purchased for the holiday season.  Why not allow a queue?  Just have everyone get in line, and when they come out we get them.  Stop people from botting your site constantly and instead just have everyone sign up, send them an email about where they are in line, and then the day stock comes in for them, they can buy or pass.  Give them 24 hours to decide and it goes to the next person.  Put limits on shipping changes and number of cards per credit card, and number of requests per ip, and let us stop hitting f5 for the next few months.

I'm not sure this is the answer but....the current situation is ridiculous.