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Couldn't enable Crossfire in R9 295x2 w/ Razer Core and other eGPU chassis.

Hi, I'm an eGPU fan.

Recently I got a R9 295x2 and mounted it on my Razer Core, ROG XG Station 2, and Akitio Node.

I used external monitor which was 48" UHD TV w/ DisplayPort 1.2 connection.

Tested laptops were these models:

Razer Blade Stealth(UHD, i7, Skylake)

Dell XPS 15 9550(UHD, i7, Skylake) <---CURRENTLY I HAVE

Samsung NT500X5N-X58


*All of the laptops are latest Windows 10 64bit build and using latest BIOS, Thunderbolt NVM Firmware and driver which was provided by OEMs.

The problem I'm facing now is Crossfire availability. In the most of tested laptops, R9 295x2 recognized as dual "R9 200 Series" in Windows Device Manager and latest Radeon Relive 17.4.3 showed 2 R9 200 Series GPUs.

But when I select Crossfire ON in the ReLive Global Settings, the laptop screen blinked for some times and the external monitor turned off for almost 5 seconds and finally both of the screens are turned on, with Radeon ReLive Settings off.

So I opened ReLive Settings again but it showed Crossfire Off.

So I manually added specific applications and games(e.g. 3DMark, Rise of the Tomb Raider, etc) to my own profile and switched its Crossfire mode to application optimized profile but no apps were worked as a Crossfire GPU. Still No.1 GPU is working great but No.2 GPU does not work.

A laptop like Samsung NT500X5N-X58 was even worse than that. It couldn't recognize R9 295x2's second GPU even after installing latest ReLive software and driver.

No eGPU chassis changed those symptoms to normal, so I'd like to get some help about it.

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Re: Couldn't enable Crossfire in R9 295x2 w/ Razer Core and other eGPU chassis.

I do not believe that those eGPU solutions accept MultiGPU configurations.I assume that the problem is the fact that even in this configuration, what you have is an Optimus/Switchable graphics configuration, which do not allow SLI or Crossfire (I know this because I had to do some fiddling with lenovo laptops that had more than one dedicated GPU and the Intel one was not working).


Re: Couldn't enable Crossfire in R9 295x2 w/ Razer Core and other eGPU chassis.


Do you still have this problem or does it work for you now?
I built my own eGPU using an Akitio Thunderbolt 2 box with an R9 Nano.
The Akitio Node was not released at the time.
I will add a link to a picture of it later.

Anyhow the eGPU works great.

I can run it on my PC with 2 R9 Nano in Primary and Secondary PCIex16 slots, and I connect the third R9 Nano via Thunderbolt 2 to my eGPU containing the third R9 Nano.

I can run Single R9 Nano, Crossfire R9 Nano in any combination,  either primary to secondary on the PC or Primary and Thunderbolt 2 connected eGPU etc etc.

I can also run Trifire. All three Nanos running in applications that support it such as 3DMark Firestrike.

It is unlikely that an R9 295x2 was ever thought about being used at the end of a thunderbolt connection in an eGPU.
If you look on this forum there are instances of people having problems getting Crossfire to work on the R9 295x2 at all, even when it is in Primary PCIex16 slot on their PC.

I was thinking of purchasing an Akitio Node.
Since you sound like an eGPU expert could you please answer a couple of questions for me about the Akitio Node please.
(1). Can you fit a 2.5 slot (or ~ in reality 3 Slot) wide GPU such as all of the RX Vega AIB Cards?
(2). Any chance you could post a few screenshots of the Akitio Node with a few different GPUs fitted in it?
I have been on the Akitio Website and looked around the WEB for information.
Obviously there are measurements of the Note and estimates of what cards fit/work ... but if you could post a picture that would be great.