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Journeyman III

Computer slows after few hours OpenGL render

Hello. I use simultaneously 20 instances of Android Emulator Genymotion which use OpenGL to render a video.. About 16-18h after PC boot, system video (on Windows 10) slows a lot and computer is unuseable. If I close few of Genymotion task, its recover a performance. But I need all of these 20 Virtual Android Machines to run without a restart atleast 7-10 days. Earlier I use nvidia, but my first card after 6months starts cause bluescreen, so I buy another nvidia card but there was a bug in OpenGl drivers that cause application crash if I try run more then 6. VMs. All of these VM has associated 768ram and 8mb of VRAM (also 2 cpu core which VM can use in 50%). So I choose Radeon R9. Tomorrow I will try another Radeon GPU, but mayby someone help me on this board...

My config:

-MB: Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming K4

-CPU: Ryzen X1700

-RAM: 2x16gb + 2x8gb (48gb)

-GPU: Radeon R9 with 2gb ram

-Monitor Emulator plugged to DVI port (I connect remotely only so I need it to display desktop in Anydesk)

Another question: why Windows says I have more then 27Gb VRAM?


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