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Adept I

computer constantly crashing no matter what I do

I have narrowed down my problem to my video card. I don't know what's wrong with it or if it is faulty. I have a 4 gb RX 570, I got in back in march of 2020 off of amazon. I don't have enough money to replace it. I get blue screen of death constantly, sometimes video goes blank, computer freezes completely, I have to hard reset with power button when I get the freeze and blank display. My video card flashes when all of these things happen. I've reset my hard drives and ssd's to make sure it's not a software or something messing up my hardware but no fix. I keep up to date with recent drivers and I really can't figure out why it is constantly crashing. If anybody has any information please let me know. I don't believe this is amd's problem but rather it is mine, but I can't think of another fix aside from upgrading. Also another note is that this is my first pc build, and I am unable to get a new video card because of financial reasons, I sometimes spend my time entering giveaways online for a new card because I'm not sure what else to do. I know it's sad. please help.


cpu: ryzen 7 2700x

ram: 16x2 3200mhz (at 2933mhz because of the cpu cap)

motherboard: msi b450

gpu: RX 570 4gb

power supply: 650w evga

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