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Compute Mode on a Laptop?

Are you able to use Compute mode on a Radeon RX 560X graphics card, inside of a laptop? My laptop is a "Nitro AN515-42". I checked Radeon Settings in the Advanced section for both of my graphics cards, and the option was not there.

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Here is AMD instructions on how to change from Graphics to Computer mode: 

But if in Radeon settings doesn't have the option to change from Graphics to computer mode probably indicates that your GPU or laptop doesn't support that feature.

Okay thanks, I am wondering since every website I find says that it can, and even other people I ask for help.


The GPU Workload Compute/Graphics mode is not compatible with all AMD GPU Cards.

I would open an AMD Service Request (Official AMD SUPPORT) and ask them if your APU and GPU in your laptop supports Compute/Graphics mode or not: 

But from what I know, if a feature in Radeon Settings is not showing is generally indicates that it isn't supported by your GPU or APU.