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Checkerboard artifacting

I have a 2 year old asus strix rx 570 rgb gpu, recently it started crashing with a checkerboard artifact and system looses Video signal. Pc must be rebooted to get a video signal. Rarely the system doesn't loose display after checkerboard however pc the pattern reappears multiple times followed by black screen eventually artifacting similar to a TV static


AMD ryzen 3 2200g

Asus strix rx 570 4gb

Asus a320 prime m-k

4*2 gb ddr4 2666 mhz hyperx fury ram

Corsair cx450

Attached image of the TV static like artifact

However I couldn't get a picture of the checkerboard artifact but I have attached a picture I found on this same forum which had the same exact artifact and I have attached this.

The card is still under warranty, should I rma this card?

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Journeyman III

A Checkerboard artifact is a common visual artifact that can be seen when viewing a digital image or video. It occurs when the image or video is compressed and the compression algorithm fails to evenly distribute the data. This can result in a checkerboard of pixel blocks read more, which can be seen in the form of a checkerboard pattern.