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Change Resolution in GTA:V?

After resetting my PC multiple times and obviously reinstalling the latest graphics drivers I could get from HP's website, I'm still having the following issue with my favorite game GTA:V:

Whenever I launch it, it automatically enters fullscreen mode and doesn't allow me to change the resolution from FHD to anything lower, I would like to switch it to 1600x900 to play smoothly. When trying to use Windowed Borderless aswell as Windowed mode it's stuck at the 1915x1050 resolution which is clearly the resolution require to fill the screen without covering/being covered by the taskbar. This issue wasn't here when the laptop I'm using (HP EliteBook 755 G5) was new and only started after I tried to install Radeon ReLive. So I'm suspecting the drivers to be the issue here but as I said, there's no way to fix it as far as I can tell and I was hoping there might be a way to fully reset the driver, possibly physically to get the game working at the desired resolution again?



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