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Journeyman III

Change primary gpu

So I use a computer named fx505dy it's a great laptop but there is a problem, when I play games it laggs ultraly I tried to solve it but I found something its on my lowest card amd vega 8 it's so bad and it's primary the game is non laggy and smooth if I plug it for charging I think bcs the low end card is primary how am I gonna change it?

My low end card is: AMD Vega 8 Graphics

My high end card is: AMD RX 560x

I want rx 560x to be my primary I tried in device manager to disable vega 8. rx560x became primary temporarily and at rx560x I can't low the screen brightness or put the pc In Sleep mode it's very annoying so is there anyone help me? I really need help I bought a gaming laptop and it lags on a really simple game like roblox it lags. it's brand new its been like 1 month or smth. Please help!