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Journeyman III

Chain BSOD memory management after installing RX 6700 XT

Hey everyone! Im hoping you can help me because I am completely stuck. A few months ago I bought an RX 6700 XT and since then I have had these chain BSOD (memory management) at start up that wont let me get into my computer. The weird thing is that after restarting, power cycling, and just allowing it to BSOD a couple time it will randomly work and allow me to log into my computer. Usually I will get a BSOD right after I type in my pin and as my computer is attempting to load my desktop. This has made trying to diagnose the problem pretty hard because I dont know what makes it work, I only know what makes it break. Restarting or shutting down my computer will guarantee getting stuck in this BSOD loop for a while until it just works. Leaving my computer idle for 15-20 minutes will also cause it to BSOD and restart thus getting stuck in the loop. I have updated my AMD drivers and uninstalled my NVIDIA ones. I made sure my card was seated properly. I also ran a check on my RAM which is all good. Recently a few of my games have been crashing which doesn't cause a BSOD but I cant load up certain games now. Before this I had never had a BSOD in my life so I know its the card/drivers fault. I've been trying to research this online but I am not having luck finding something that pertains to my situation. Im hoping someone here can help me. 


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