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Journeyman III

Certain games change monitor refresh rate

Hey, i recently bought a AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT.

Since then  I have noticed that certain games (mainly Brotato and Read Dead Redemption 2) change the refresh rate on my main monitor in windows. I then have to manually change it back and as soon as I tab back into the game it changes by itself again.

As I stated above this only started happening with the new GPU. I have played these games before and it was fine.

The AMD Driver and Software I have is Version 22.11.2.

Have any of yGPU SpecsGPU Specsou had a similar Issue? My Google searches havent really been helpful. Thanks in advance.

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Some games have in-game Hz setting. Have you checked what you in-game Hz setting for those games are?


Yes for example on Red Dead Redemption I have 165Hz matching my Monitor. Brotato doesnt have this Setting.


TRY LEAVING DYNAMIC SCALING/PERFORMANCE/QUALITY settings off and do not enable UPSCALING methods. You never need them anyway and they just lower quality. those games maybe use a different renderer to the default or whatever you normally use. For AMD games to be able to 1:1 reality the universe up to certain resolutions, lately RDNA cards let us use DNA resolution its limited by windows and the way it interacts with the hardware using something that sits between the app developer and the physical computer and lets you type in a simple word like RIS or ZTX or ZAS or ZSR or ZZR or VRS or say FIDELITYFXVARIABLERATESHADERS and so on. The API has taken that hardware device physically and been coded up to use the hardware functions and 'use the device' But it often needs to do complex things like ray tracing or whatever which it has default settings for and a simple word to use. If you were to invent your own fake RTX ON toggle in a games menu page you could take up to several weeks trying different values of a couple of hardware functions for lighting and then see how it looks in different colorspaces/resolutions and HDR and stuff and balance it for performance vs quality to look how you want. Microsofts Direct3d for example and the AMD MILITARY API from the 60's to the present with several different settings typed in allowing more galaxies and nebulas to be 1:1  reality reproduced by xray mapping them in by reading DNA barcodes in light and electromagnetic fields in light/sound with microphones and lenses.. yep a camera. So You could type in VXR or DXR for VULKAN or DIRECTX/VULKAN RAY TRACING. VULKAN lets you game in absurdly higher frame rates and other things but when you type in the word for the function call that somebody optimized for you, you can then assign values and settings to it to increase or decrease it. Theres countless API function calls which let you use things like FULLSCREENEXCLUSIVEMODE or BORDERLESSFULLSCREEN you will find microsoft game titles like gears of war 5 regarding microsofts DYNAMIC RESOLUTION/DYNAMIC QUALITY/PERFORMANCE settings will never allow true fullscreen but still allow exclusive fullscreen functions and features. What this means is as you game windows will lower and raise the resolution sort of like AMD BOOST feature in the OS so your 4k might in high workload scenes if you have the quality right up and use dynamic scaling/quality dip a little under 4k to strange values. Because its a borderless window it changes the entire desktop windows OS kinda. or it can do. Depends on how it was coded. But you will often find theres different methods or function calls to change or access or use resolution in countless languages and countless clueless people think they have better fake ways of pretending to access an AMD device you were sometimes probably never actually solds hardware.. And will create a software that doesnt use the standard AMD output methods (hardware) and will type in special beaver dams called display buffers used by NOT COMPUTERS like nvidia and intel and allow for spywares and screen captures or spend ages polishing it into a turd by optimizing it for nvidia and so on. instead of just having hardware and ... turning it on so its billions of trillions of times faster than nvidia.. they dont want 1:1 reality video games cant tell if fake or real videos in graphics quality with true light. But criminals already been pretending stolen 60 year old AMD open source software and hardware is a company like intel/nvidia selling fake computers for decades and still though it takes them months make fake news videos anyways instead of like seconds with real AMD they make game companies that make it impossible to full reality by limiting AMD hardware to 95% in the 1990s you can see the mission statement and founding of the UNREAL GAMES ENGINE as intel and nvidia and such are a bunch of criminal retard losers and AMD is deep space imaging from like 13 billion years in the past by detecting the faintest fewest packets of light and using complex maths to create 1:1 real complete images and 3D realities of it from radiation data by filling in like 80% of the screen blanks based on DNA genetic data of what the light/magnetic fields pass through.