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Cant switch graphics on laptop

Hello everybody, i need help.
My specs are:
FX-9830p with R7 Graphics
Radeon RX 560 Series (thats how it is named in device manager)

So i play valorant(this problem appears in other games as well) and im not sure which gp is being used in game. Because my fps should be around 140-160 according to the different tests but i've got 40-60.

Dont mind the language please, just look at the graph. RX 560 jumps from 0% to 100% load and R7 is about 30-50% while game is working.
Windows graphics settings:
So i decided to disable R7 using device manager because there is no such an option in my bios.

I got 2 fps in main menu and RX 560 didn't work!
I have the latest Adrenaline driver, Windows 10 ver. 2004 with all updates.

This problem appeared after installing Adrenaline driver.

What can be the problem???
How can i contact the official amd support?

How can i downgrade to crimson driver?

I'll be happy to get any answer.