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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Cannot install latest Driver for GPU (Rx 580) using Ryzen APU

Is there any word when we will get working drivers for Radeon Cards on the APU's?

Any GeForce card I try runs the latest drivers with no performance impact when you compare 2200G / 1200

Any Radeon Card using the latest drivers available for the APU suffers anywhere between 3%-15% than if I use the 1200.

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Re: Cannot install latest Driver for GPU (Rx 580) using Ryzen APU

Please don't be offended by this because I absolutely agree the product should work and have no idea on an eta for drivers that will make it work. I am just an AMD user like you.  You and many others are asking the same question. This has already been addressed in these forums and I don't believe anyone knows.

But seeing as you have an RX 580, why on earth would you have bought a 2200G to pair with it? Just seems like you would have been avoiding a whole world of issues not going the APU route, when you had no need for the internal graphics. Or do you? I am not trying to pick on you or anything either, really, just wondering if there was a logic to this I may be missing?

These forums are just your peers helping you, not AMD employees, you need to open a support ticket for AMD to respond with help, you can do that here: Email Form

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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Re: Cannot install latest Driver for GPU (Rx 580) using Ryzen APU

Should have probably explained a little better,

My main system is a Ryzen 7 1700 which is where the RX 580 usually resides.

The 2200G was / is built as a test bench for bench marking budget cards.

I used to use a core i5 4590 but with the Ryzen 3 cpus being so popular and more relevant than a 4 year old i5 in terms of price I refreshed my bench table around a 2200G figuring I would still get the benefit of an iGPU when I needed to troubleshoot / flash gpu's like I had with my intel chip

Only reason it flagged up was when I was bench testing a used R9 285 which I had just tried out on another system with a Ryzen 3 1200.

Frame rates were upto 15% lower when using the APU because of the drivers

So I decided to test the 1200 and 2200G out with all the cards at my disposal.

GTX 980Ti  - Parity

GTX 770 - Parity

GTX 1050Ti - Parity

R9 380X - Differences in newer titles

R9 285 - Differences mainly in new titles

RX 580 - Differences in new titles

The latest nvidia Drivers install without a hitch wheras Radeon drivers are locked to the current version "supported" by the VEGA 8 graphics on the APU (regardless of disabling it in bios)

I had raised a ticket a while back but no response really so I turned to the forums since it seems at this point if anyone buys an APU with the intention of upgrading or adding a gpu later - even a lowly new card like the 1050ti or a used card like a mid level R9 card - they are losing performance by chosing a Radeon card.

Obviously I dont want to write articles or make videos where my benchmark results are what I would call needlessly skewed so I was hoping someone on here would have a work around.

Hope that kind of explains the why at least!

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Re: Cannot install latest Driver for GPU (Rx 580) using Ryzen APU

Sure makes better sense, I was really wondering. Just don't think it is likely a good test bench, you always want a test bench to be stable an never a possible issue, and that is sure not what the new apu offers,  as I am sure you are aware of now. I hope they get the issues sorted. This apu / card issue is something that has plagued them for a long time now in my opinion, long before the Ryzen Vegas. Then combined with the fact the new vega apu has it's own new issues, and I have read a lot of the same complaints. Hopefully future updates will fix things. So far updates to the new apu's are moving at a snails pace.

Wish I had some helpful advice for you. Good Luck!

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