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Adept I
Adept I

Can't play at 60fps.


Question to you all. Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro I have not been able to hit 60 on The Witcher 3 nor any other game like Monster Hunter World. Now I know that I may not be constant 60 but 60 with dips. On windows 7 I was able to hit 50-60 on the Witcher and 40-60 on Monster Hunter. On Windows 10 it's 30 only! if I use 60 it crashes. No matter what AMD driver I use I get a crash at 60. I'm using 20.8.3 was using 17.4.2 as that was literally the only stable driver I can find without stutter in games. I can get 45fps in the Witcher 3 then crash after sometime and MHW sometime after then a crash happens.

I'm using right now:

i5-3570K @ 3.40GHz

Corsair 16GB RAM

Windows 10 64bit - 2004

Asus P8Z77-V motherboard

MSI RX 480 8G Gaming X

Corsair 1200 Gold PS - (got it for a good price)

Crucial SDD 150 for OS and Applications

Samsung SSD 860 EVO for all Games

Western Digital 1TB for Data

I've reformatted W10, tired different drivers, there are no running apps interfering, temps are fine, I thought it was the motherboard or GPU failing but surely I would see something happen at 30fps after good hours of play, HDR off, game mode off, high performance power plan, no overclocking, except RAM on XMP profile, turned down the settings - even to low.

I got no warning that Windows 10 is not compatible with my Hardware. I don't get it. I'm planning to upgrade sometime in October/ November, but for now with this current build could you give me any idea of why I get 60fps crash?


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