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Can't get Eyefinity to work properly

Hi everyone,

I'm building a flight simulator at home and I'm using multiple PC's for the setup. I am using a laptop to render the outside view and I have two external monitors hooked up to it. One through the HDMI port and one through the VGA port. The monitor connected to HDMI is an LG widescreen and the resolution is set to 2560 x 1080. The second monitor connected to VGA is set to 1280 x 1024. The laptop screen is 1600 x 900.

My plan is to use Eyefinity to create one monitor out of these three displays and the three screens work perfectly together when using windows' extended display mode. I have set the widescreen (center) as the main monitor in the windows display settings. Now when I go into the Crimson settings and select quick installation in Eyefinity it gives an error saying my display configuration has changed and the installation could not continue, when I try again it keeps giving this error.

So then I tried advanced installation and I click "Use current arrangement" but then it says it has created an Eyefinity group with 0 displays. I can then click "make Eyefinity group" but then I just return to the same window as in the first picture. The second picture shows the "0 displays" page.



My laptop is pretty basic but it's enough to run flight simulator X.


Processor: A6-4400M

GPU: Dual graphics - Radeon HD 7520G & 7600M

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling (in safe mode) all the drivers and I tried some old non-crimson drivers aswell. All shared the same problem. I really need Eyefinity to work because otherwise the maximum size of the game (flight simulator x) is limited to the size of the laptop display and I need to stretch it across all three monitors.

Thanks in advance.


I also noticed it doesn't show the green "supported configurations for your display group" message in the additional radeon settings page as shown on this AMD help page:

Setting Up and Configuring Multiple Displays to Run in AMD Eyefinity Mode

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Re: Can't get Eyefinity to work properly

So quick update, I sort of successfully set up an Eyefinity group but it is not usable at all.  I got it to work by first setting my left hand display (the laptop) as the main monitor and then I followed this guide:

Setting Up and Configuring Multiple Displays to Run in AMD Eyefinity Mode

However, when I complete step 12 the setup skips to the end and says the Eyefinity setup has completed with 3 displays. I have no option to align or change fill options. So the result is that Eyefinity forces the laptops resolution (1600 x 900) on all monitors. On my widescreen this results in huge black bars on both sides of the image (see image) and on the third monitor this results in the image being vertically stretched to fill the image.


Adept II

Re: Can't get Eyefinity to work properly

try windows to setup it up first,

then when you come to build the eyefinity it will ask do you want to use existing setting.

thats what i do.

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