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Journeyman III

Can someone give specifics on configuring XFX R9 270A for 4 displays

Hello all,

I am trying to set up the above card to display on 3 monitors and a Samsung HD flat screen, I am not looking for Eye Finity Settings rather extended desktop displays.

Here are my system configuration details at present:

2 x Acer V176 L (1 x DVI) (1 x Display Port)

1 x Acer G 245 via DVI

1 Samsung Flat Screen which I want to connect via HDMI (to monitor my home security system locally)

I had the Samsung connected via HDMI and upon boot I would see it and one of the V176L display. After the PC started the Samsung display disappeared and my other 3 monitors came on line.

Please note that none of the 3 original monitors have an HDMI connection.

System Information:

Home Built

ASUS FA285 V-Pro (Bios 6504)

16 GB Ram

AMD A10 5800K Processor

XFX RADEON R9 270A (2 DVI, 1 DP, 1 HDMI)



Any and all assistance/suggestions are greatly appreciated....

Best regards and thank you in advance 

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This thread from Tom's Hardware is similar to your situation: Can a AMD R9 270 run 4 monitors? - Displays - Tom's Hardware  and this one is little bit more informative:


Thank you for your reply elstaci. I’ve read all of the tread that you sent me. The final post in that thread has me a bit confused in as much as it appears to say that on one of my 3 main monitors I need to connect it with DVI to VGA adapter. Is that a correct assumption?

If you could interpret/clarify that I would appreciate it immensely, thanks again for your input.



That thread was from 2015 and VGA and the Poster was just using a VGA Monitor. No, you don't need to connect your monitor to a VGA monitor. It best to use the native ports of your monitors that uses DVI-D or HDMI or DP.


Hello again elstaci, just looking at my setup. Is it possible that my problem is “limited” due the screen resolution 1280 x 1024 on the 2 V176L monitors? Do all 3 main monitors have to be 1920 x 1080? I have 2 brand new monitors that I have not yet connected by they are 1600 x 900 so they wouldn’t solve the issue either. This is further to my previous response.

Best regards