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Journeyman III

Bought a AMD Radeon RX 6600 SWFT XFX And Experiencing a few problems

First I noticed micro stutters and fps drops.  Some times occasional lag during gaming.  The red VGA light is always on.  I have tried the following : CMOS reset, reseat the Gpu into different Pcei slots, bios is up to date, turned off all settings in the amd software app.      My old Geoforce rtx 2060 runs better with no problems, I just wanted to upgrade so have been trying for two days now trying to fix this problem.  First time posting so sorry if this looks a little messy.

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Adept II

I can only imagine it being a driver problem.
Got myself a 6900xt recently i also experience fps drops and unstable performance in some games.

Even Doom Eternal which ran fawless so far had a few micro stutters yesterday.

I was not sure if its a game problem or a GPU problem but im leaning more and more towards it being a driver issue since there is more and more reports regarding this here and on reddit.

I even considered giving the card back but its been more than 14 days and i cant return it anymore so i paid close to 2000 euros only to be frustrated so far. It's my first AMD card and a bad experience.

If AMD was more transparent and give feedback to their customers regarding this issue i could handle this better but leaving me in the unknown is simply bad cause i wonder if this will ever be fixed or if its a 6000 radeon issue that wont be fixed.

When this continues ill contact AMD or in my case Sapphire and make them contact my retailer cause they dont have to take it back after 14 days in my country.

Wish i would have spent 200 € more and went for a 3080ti instead.

And believe me i tried everything at this point from uninstalling drivers , new windows installation, reset bios, messed with the monitor, used different monitors messed with the settings in the AMD driver, the problems are still there.

If an AMD official could post here and let us at least know that its a known issue and being worked on or just tell us it wont ever be fixed and i can simply try to somehow return my graphics card.
Im happy with my AMD CPU since i switched, however the GPU issue is unacceptable.


Hi, I think that since the gtx 2060 video card was announced at the end of 2018, and since then all the jambs with drivers and games have been fixed, and the rx6600 was released in August 2021, maybe as usual the wood is raw, + no one is immune from video card defects. If you initially removed the drivers using display driver uninstaller (the item delete and turn off the computer to install a new video card, and then downloaded the amd driver (preferably download it in advance.) since the system itself will start to download it is not known what.) And installed the downloaded driver with a reboot, in theory there should be no problems. Try some OCCT type tests. to load both the gpu itself and the gpu memory. You can download any other tests. It can hang for many reasons, either a jamb in the driver, or a driver conflict with some other, or there is not enough power to the video card, there should not be overheating since the card is new yet. And as for the friezes, there are also many factors here, in fact, from the system itself and the drivers, download the utility (latency mon) and into a simple PC (so that everything is turned off, all programs are turned off and run it to see what causes, say, lags on the PC), usually it's some kind of crooked driver. It is also desirable that there would be 2 bars of RAM in two-channel mode! And the frequency is at least 3000 MHz. Power parameters (high performance) Well, probably a configured system, there are a lot of guides on this topic on the Internet on disabling unnecessary services and removing programs. If there is not enough RAM, or rather its filling, intelligent standby list cleaner helps. The system itself cleans the RAM through one place....(


At this point i tried pretty much everything...

Troubleshoot so far:

  • removed drivers with DDU

  • fresh install of windows 10

  • removed chipset drivers

  • closed applications in the back / made sure no overlays run

  • BIOS set to default settings

  • Run game with and without SMART

  • turned off FreeSync , enabled FreeSync , disabled advanced Sync

  • reinstalled game

  • checked drive for errors

  • disabled Windows game mode

I have 4 x 8 GB 3600Mhz C14 RAM installed, the whole system is liquid cooled including the GPU.
Fact is i didnt have these problems before i installed this Graphics card, my 1080ti didnt have such issues.

Yes overall FPS and benchmarks might be better with the 6900 xt but overall performance and stability in real time applications lacks behind my old 1080ti.