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Journeyman III
Journeyman III

Blurry screen after upgrading graphics card

Hello everyone,

I recently moved up to a new graphics card. I received a second hand XFX RX470. A graphics card which I tested thoroughly before adopting and got from a good friend. I know there's nothing wrong with it. After installing it, my screen was conciderably blurrier than before, when I had my screen installed on the VGA port of my intel integrated graphics card. The screen I'm using is an Asus VH222D. I connected it to my graphics card using a VGA to DVI-D converter, which I got new for the upgrade. I tried the following steps to resolve the problem:

1. Playing with AMD's own display options, such as scaling modes and HDMI scaling (which didn't do anything since I'm not on HDMI, surprise surprise).

2. Checking and correcting the monitor's refresh rate. It was set to 59 Hz, and I corrected it to 60 Hz. Which, as I found out, is technically, sort of, in a way, the same thing.

3. I've calibrated my screen using this tool: LCD monitor test images. This improved the situation slightly, but there's still a weird blurriness present that I can't get rid of.

4. I've tried manually setting some monitor perimeters using the monitor's OSD, but none solve the issue. The setting "aspect control" is greyed out for some reason.

5. I tried using different resolutions, but they end up just producing the same image, just literally smaller. I've set it to my native setting now, which is 1920x1080.

6. I've installed the latest graphics driver and updated AMD's software to the latest version.

7. I've tried using AMD's virtual super resolution feature, but the blurriness persists.

8. I've tried using ClearType. Also doesn't solve the blurriness issue.

Thanks in advance!

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