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Journeyman III

Blackscreen after drivers installation


I recently bought a used MSI RX 570 Armor 4G OC and had some tough struggles with it. First, it gave an error code 43, I figured out it was used in a mining rig and flashed the original BIOS, which solved this issue. Currently the problem is this: 
I want to use the card in a second system with a B250M PRO VDH Mainboard, Intel G4600, be quiet! 500W PSU and 16Gig DDR4 RAM. This is not working. Everytime I installed the AMD drivers, a Blackscreen or Flicker occurs after Post, at Windows Login or some minutes into using the PC. Two times the system ran stable for some hours but after restarting it, the error occured again. Seeing this, I would suggest a faulty GPU but in my main system with a B450M PRO VDH Max, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16 Gig DDR4 and 600W PSU the card runs flawlessly. I tested it with OCCT for an hour and played some games, no problems so far. But as soon as I try to run it in my second system the described problem happens. But I know for sure that the second systems components are okay, because I tested my RX 5500 XT in it and it runs as it should. So the RX 570 runs in PC #1 but not in PC # 2 while my RX 5500 XT is perfect in both systems. 

I DDUed all drivers in safe mode several times and reinstalled different versions, reinstalled windows, resetted the mainboard, updated the BIOS, changed the RAM configuration, changed the monitor, updated luck, as soon as Windows boots the card with its drivers, the blackscreen accurs sooner or later. I don't know what to do now and would be very happy for any suggestions!