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Journeyman III

Black Screens R9 295x2

Hello AMD support Team,

I encountered an issue with my 295x2: while gaming or benchmarking( I mean Intensive gpu tasks) I had blackscreens.

I updated the drivers but still, black screens. The gap between them started to shorten and at the end I had no signal at all even from the BIOS.

I changed my graphic card for an GTX690 and I have no problem even if it's also a dual GPU.

I gave my 295x2 to a third part computer store (LDLC in France). After testing it they replied that at the beginning they had a signal but only 1 gpu detected.

They installed old drivers and they succeed to have the 2gpus detected but when they tried to benchmark it, it crashed and blacksreen again, and since, they have no signal.

What should I do, Is it an Hardware issue ? Firmware? should I send it to an electronician? After the computer store tested it, I'm pretty convinced it is still working so I don't want to change a chip and risk a failure for nothing...

I hope you will be able to help me.

thank you in advance

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Adept II

what driver did you use?  I'm about to upgrade mine..(still using 18.3.4) maybe i should wait updating..         having said that, in my old house, using 70" lcd screen.  the screen went to black, like it's disconnected every time i switched off the bathroom light at the other side of the house..  almost every time, it's been like this for maybe a year or so.. i thought it was my old house fault or something..       now that i have moved to a modern apartment, it happens here too..      i have no problems what so ever with anything else.. and using corsair ax 1200 watt.. and that one is even lightning shielded..         sorry for stealing your support from amd, but it might be related..


I tried the last driver at the time and even tried to install old ones. I don't really think our problems are related since this is not my screen but I have no signal from my computer at all.

Adept II

just installed new drivers with success..     have you tried, different hdmi cable, even if you know its working..   and maybe one of the power connector might be broken, did you try both power connection on the nvidia card?