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Adept I

Black screen vega 56


Today i decided to finaly post somewere the problem i have with my gpu

To start lets say the gpu is working so after 1 month i change the thermal paste because this model of vega56 is very noisy because it overheat a lot (MSI Airboost vega56 8g oc)

i am using it since 1year, but i randomly get black screens (2-3 sec max) when i play or on my desktop when i check mail,video,music etc... sometimes no black screens on the week and sometimes 3 times per day

PC is not freezing or crashing i can still play i have sounds and full control of what i am doing i just lose screen signal like a very fast reboot of my display 2-3 sec

So i tried to unplug the card, did a nice clean of the gpu (new paste again and pcb cleanup) and a clean of the motherboard pci slot, i tried the other bios with the switch on the gpu, tested all displayport ports, multiple drivers, OC , undervolt, nothing...

Now i have another monitor and the funny thing is when i get the black screen my 2nd monitor dont get the black screen only my main

My motherboard : Aorus z370 gaming 3 

1st monitor : msi optix27c on vesa displayport (bough this 50€ cable to be sure it was not a faulty cable)

2nd monitor on hdmi

Ive tested my old gpu (r9 290) on displayport with the same cable for 1 month and i dont get the issue anymore

Anyone have the same issue with vega56 or even other cards ?

Every help is welcome ^_^

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Suddenly getting this issue with a vega 64 (so similar to vega 56.) Everything was fine for months and now random black screen for 2 seconds.

There are no driver crashes reported by windows but regardless I'm going to roll back from 20.1.4 in case it was something introduced by this version.

EDIT: Rolled back to 20.1.2 and no black screens now for about an hour. I can't yet say for sure this particular issue was is a driver issue but I can say that I was team green for years and I never had a single issue and I've had several issues after moving to team red. The hardware seems great value over nvidia until you realise the software is not nearly as robust. 

EDIT2: Just some examples of the issues I've had.

- HDMI Scaling locks refresh rate to 30Hz. Luckily I moved to a screen with JustScan support so I no longer need to scale. You can also work around the issue by using custom resolutions as opposed to scaling.

-Flickering shadows and textures in certain games. Can be fixed sometimes by disabling anti-aliasing or forcing the game to use an older api. Unfortunately some games don't allow you to disable anti-aliasing and you can't disable anti-aliasing either from AMD settings.

-Black screens where the fans go 100%. To be fair this might be PSU issue however it worked fine for quite awhile. It seemed to me the problem coincided with 20.1.3. I have a new PSU so I will need to wait and see.

-Back screen where the display just blinks of for 2 seconds. (this issue)

-10 bit RGB 4.4.4 1440p@60 not working nor is 10 bit 4:2:2 1440p@120.

-Enabling freesync makes the display go really dark after a reboot as if the black light was turned off. You can somewhat counter by turning up the constrast 200% in the AMD control panel but this is obviously not the way it should work.

Hello everyone.


I'm having this issue also...but but but...i have one thing different from you.


Previous setup: Vega 56 + AMD FX


Current setup: VEGA 56 +  Ryzen


Swaped Mobo+RAM+CPU ONLY!!!




This is driving me NUTS and this really happens in 2D ambient with hardware acceleration requested by any software: i have this issue mainly with launcher (warzone).


This is ridiculous a GPU with almost 2 years having such issue...considering buying NVIDIA or returning the new setup...

Adept I

UPDATE: Fixed!? Here's what worked for me: All inside Radeon Software: Settings, Display, Override (right bottom): HDCP Support (disabled), HDMI Link Assurance (disabled). Combined with basically underclocking: Performance, Tuning, GPU -10%, VRAM -10%, Power +10%. Ran SOTTR for hours now with no problems, impossible before. Awesome. Game settings do not seem to matter (running fine at highest, not the cause).

I'm now trying to figure out exactly which of these settings helped the most. I hope it was HDCP related, not clocks or power. Will be undoing underclock, then power, then HDCP. (Enhanced Sync and other reported problematic settings are enabled, haven't noticed any problems, not the cause.) I've not changed anything else, nor the cable yet (not the cause).

Special thanks to mcgee (over here too), for some very useful hints!


Any progress on this issue? I'm now experiencing this intermittent "black screen" problem. Screen goes black for 2-3 seconds, and this can happen every 10 seconds (but sometimes much less, almost randomly). Has only ever occurred during gaming (never in web browser, videos, apps, anything else). Less demanding games seem uneffected as well.

Didn't have or notice this issue until very recently (June, July, 2020). First noticed in Talos Principle (fairly demanding, DX11): more random, every 2-20 min. Much bigger problem in Shadow of the Tomb Raider (very demanding, modern, DX12): can take a few minutes to occur, then every 10-20 sec!

Biggest thing that changed recently is Windows 10 update (build 2004). Perhaps graphics and chipset driver update. I've been using this graphics card for a few years, in two builds now. It's been awesome, perfectly stable in old build (2016-2019, dozens of very demanding games). Upgraded PC last summer (2019-07, see specs, all new except GPU). Perfectly stable in this new build (XCOM CS, AOE DE, AOE2 DE, ME Shadow of War, more)... until this month. Maybe related: Upgraded monitor this spring (2020-04, UHD 4K, but games played windowed at QHD 2K or FHD), again no problems until now.

I purchased new cables as well (DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, Monoprice) but they're not here yet. Have tried the DP and HDMI that came with monitor, neither helped (HDMI seems worse).

I had Radeon Settings adjusted when it occurred (10 Bit, Enhanced Sync, Adaptive AA, etc), but I've also tried full driver cleaning and default settings, to no avail. I've always adjusted fan settings via Radeon Settings, don't think it's a heat issue. (Fan stop off, 40-90% fan steps, 40-70 temp steps, logs report 60-65 C max.) For first time, I'm now testing other tuning (GPU and VRAM down 10%, power up 10%). Will update if any progress. I'm guessing this is an AMD driver (graphics or chipset) problem, and/or combined with Windows update changes, that will be ironed out in next few weeks or months. But I'm trying everything I can think of in the meantime.

Specs: AMD Radeon Software 20.4.2. AMD Chipset 2.04.28. Windows 10 2004. XFX Radeon RX 470 (RS XXX). ASUS B450-F motherboard (BIOS 2512). AMD Ryzen 5 2600 (stock). Corsair SF450M PSU. Philips 276E8VJSB monitor (UHD 27").

Journeyman III

I used to have the same problem with my gigabyte vega 56.... i have solved this problem updating the bios of the gpu and using radeon PRO software instead of Adrenaline version.