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Journeyman III

Black Screen on fullscreen mode when freesync enabled

Hi all. I have a Radeon 5600 XT. Had no problems till latest updates. Searching for solutions but not successfull till now. 

I'll give all clues i've found, maybe someone here has an answer for it. Or someone from AMD clears the situation.

  1. My monitor has Freesync. Connected via HDMI and it was working flawless with freesyinc enabled. 
  2. After latest updates, when i start a game, screen goes black. Game starts, i hear the game voices, but whenever its fullscreen, it becomes only black. 
  3. On some games, some different thing happens. Whenever game starts in fullscreen mode, colorfull pixels come up on screen. (You may search snowy tv, snowy screen" to see exact thing. Then, some weird sounds start to come from monitor. It ends up the same. I unplug hdmi from monitor, put it back on, make alt-tab, try things and at last, i shut down the game from task manager. 
  4. You saw the problems, then last thing. Whenever i disable "freesync" from Radeon software, problems are all gone. All games start with fullscreen mode on without problems. 

So, does anyone having this problem with latest updates? If i hear "dont try to solve it, it'll be gone with next update" , i'll stop trying harware solutions, cables etc. Just wait. But now, i really don't know why this happens and im confused a lot!

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