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Journeyman III

Best Gfx Card for windows 7 (32bit, 6gb)

so, i'm searching to buy a new gfx card...

i ideally wanted a card that would work with just the pci-e 75w... but i have a good 600w PSU, so it can go slight more.

However i'm trying to find a good card that will work on windows 7 32bit...

i have the PAE patch , so the card driver need to support that (just like a SERVER version would)

so it would be good to find the newest card that work with such conditions...


right now i have an old nvidia 9500GT card... with nvidia 2013 332.21 drivers, that is latest that i could found that work with this configuration altough it seems even on nvidia cards theres newer combinations that work (QUADRO?), but i know that the 8800GTX also work in such condition, and that was a nice card back in 2008 (mine gave up a few years ago, so i put back the 9500GT :P)