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Journeyman III

Begging for help. Last Chance for AMD

I've been having a problem with my Radeon RX 460 for about 6 months now and it's consistently gotten worse. Today I can no longer run anything on the graphics card. The main problem is that whenever a game is run it will run temporary and then crash to a solid color with no error log or message left behind. I've checked for over heating but it sometimes will happen on a game starting up and not even after it runs for any amount of time. It also is very random with how long and what games will run. Fallout 4 on Ultra will run sometimes for hours and never crash, sometimes it crashes on Start up. Skyrim never works. Neither the Enhanced Edition or original. Kerbal Space Program crashes at loading. Space Engineers never crashes. The list is long and completely random. One time I got an error about 'atikmpag.sys' failing and upon further research it said something about AMD and Intel graphics crashing but the instructions for fixing this were either scams for Driver Update Software or to confusing to follow what exactly they were talking about. All of this combined this is UNACCEPTABLE. There is no way to report this because there is no error log and from my perspective I spent $200 on a faulty card that AMD put out. Please if anyone has any idea how to fix this or to get AMD to fix it I cannot afford to replace it.

System Information

Graphics Chipset

Radeon(TM) RX 460 Graphics


Windows Version

Windows 10 (64 bit)

Radeon Software Version


CPU Type

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz



Power Supply

Coolmaster 650w



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Sure I will try to help. Not sure why you are not able to get help from those you should be able to get from, the ones that made your card, not AMD. AMD makes the graphics chip that goes on the card that the manufacturer uses they are the first line of support. If they don't follow a reference design that can alter things even more, and most cards don't. So don't be fed up with AMD, your cards maker is the one that is supposed to give you support, did you ask them? Have you already asked AMD? Did you open a support ticket? There is a report link in Radeon Settings or on the contact us page of the website. These forums are users just like you and we are just helping each other as best we can. Just asking because the last chance seems harsh if this is the first you have reached out. I do get however how frustrating it is to spend good money for something to not live up to expectations. Unfortunately a common reality in our world today.

Now on to your issue. Make sure Windows is fully up to date, all updates even optional, especially the .Net ones. Your specs look good so I would download the latest driver. Install it using the custom not express option and choose clean install. Upon successful install and restart we are going to change a setting. Go to Radeon Settings, Gaming, Global Settings, Global Wattman, look down until you come to the "Power Limit Slider" slide it all the way to the right to it's maximum. This will raise the power ceiling a bit but is still in normal operational range and is not over-powering. Make sure your Windows Settings are set for "High Performance" too not on balanced which is default. If this does not fix things I would look to other usual suspects like turning off Overlays from the game launching software you use such as steam or origin. Good luck and report back if this doesn't help we can go from there.

Oh I have the Skyrim game, have not played it in a couple years but will fire it up tonight and see if it runs okay for me. My system is a RX 580 and i7 7700k so similar enough that if its a driver bug it shouldn't work for me either. Will write back what I find.


Skyrim and The Special Edition both run great for me. So whatever is going on is definitely not a driver issue with that game.

Adept I

How can i create a topic in this forum??? Im having problems with the last version of amd radeon 18.7.1 in fortnite game!!

Journeyman III

Find a driver that works and is stable on  your system.

It is frustrating, but just because the latest driver version is released, please don't assume it will work on YOUR system.

A lot of patience is requred when configuring PC graphics and hardware.

Troubleshooting / swapping drivers, benchmarking, trial and error.

These drivers are not , one size suits all. (Although they SHOULD be !)

You will need to understand how to remove the driver and install a functional one if it all goes bad.

Hope this is of some use.