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Adept I
Adept I

Bad frame rate on RX 480 on anything that isn't full screen

What I'm talking about here is, any window that isn't in 'Fullscreen' will be limited to about... What It looks to me, is about 20 FPS or so.  Idk but it's low.

For an example, I can't visually show anyone right now because I don't have any recording software on my laptop, but;
If you have Discord, you are aware of the spinning logo it has when you start it up.  So If I start up Discord on the laptop which is rocking an Intel 4000 GPU.  It'll be displaying that loading logo at about the Refresh rate, 60Hz, so 60FPS at least.

Now, if I do it on my desktop, I'll get about 20FPS.  Simple as that really.

But as I've said, it's not just one program, it's Anything that does not run in fullscreen.  Chrome, Firefox, Discord, Windows Media Player, The Desktop, Any Type of Game. Etc.

Just as long as something is in fullscreen it'll work as intended (but only for the fullscreen application, nothing else along with it).

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