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Journeyman III

b 250 mining expert cant get vega 64 to detect

So i just bought an ASUS amd Vega 64 gpu fan cooled. I have a b 250 mining expert mother board. I also have 4gb of ram. running windows 10 pro. When i plug it into either the pcie 16 on the motherboard or into a riser the bios shows it in red which means error. i have a NVidia rtx 3060 that when i plug it in, it shows green and runs fine. So I i downloaded the driver for the Vega 64 and after i run the .exe file, it shows an error saying that i have no graphics card installed which cannot be detected. I go into the device manager and it also doesn't show the gpu under display. only the intel that's pre installed on the motherboard and the NVidia 3060. I cannot figure out why this wont show under device manager or why if i try to install the driver it doesn't work. Also it says something about the system configuration's.  please help... :'( 

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Re: b 250 mining expert cant get vega 64 to detect

It is a good chance that AMD & Nvidia Drivers are in conflict or not compatible being install at the same time on that specific  motherboard.

Found this Mining Website with a BLOG concerning the same setup as that you have using both AMD & Nvidia GPUs in the PC:

Screenshot 2021-03-14 081041.png

This User was having a similar issue with both AMD and Nvidia GPU cards installed in a Mining Rig. Here the User explains his solution. The article is about 3 years old but should still be valid: