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Journeyman III

Aweful stuttering when playing BO4

I mean down right unplayable. No other games do it. It will play well for about 5 min then boom, its like its running at its lowest clock speed or something.

Ryzen 3700x

ROG Strix x470-i

XFX 5700 XT

I also cannot start Ring of Elysium at all as it errors on AMDurm64.dll but dont care about that as much. \

Anyone have this issue in COD? Its very frustrating!

I included logging from the control panel... seems it IS my clocks going up and down for no reason. Driver issue? This is a TDM match from start to finish. You can see at the end where i exit the application. Ideas?

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Journeyman III

Not tried BO4 but in overwatch I am getting terrible stuttering. Insurgency sandstorm also shows this behavior. 


Ryzen 3600 / 5700 XT

I also notice that my GPU clock is all over the place. I didn't have such behavior with the GTX 1070 this replaces. 

I should also note that this is at 1440P/144hz 


So, your post is almost 2 months old now... what did you end up doing? Go back to the 1070?

I just bought a 5700 xt and am having the exact same problems. GPU utilization is all over the place, leading to insane number of stutters.


I took the 5700XT back to store for a refund 

Got a 2070 super instead. Now its smooth as butter. 

Ugh i really dont want to do that, but its looking like I may have to. Its not been addressed in this long and we cant possibly be the only ones with these issues.