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Journeyman III

atikmpag.sys Bluescreen Win10 5700XT

Hi Guys,

i am getting Crazzy 
installed my new System:

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X 8Core
AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

Driver: 26.20.13003.1007
ASUS ROG Strix B450-E Gaming ATX Mainboard Sockel AM4
Win 10 Pro  with latest Update.

So i get Bluescreens with atikmpag.sys  when Sufring  in Browser (any browser)  mostly when some Videos Popup  or i klick on them

So what i tryed

tryed to reninstall Windows  2x
tryed to reinstall driver   
updatetd Windows and Driver
tryed to set more dtr
tryed everything what youtube ect.  told me to do.

maybe someone can help me with that?

thats terrible 

thx a lot

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Yes i have the same problem, new PC,

BSOD while watching YouTube, Netflix, playing AC...even while doing nothing.

did you happen to find a solution? just ran into the problem.same issue.?


Yes i did.
First i tried finding solution by myself. After a week or two i decided to send my brand new PC(that i build myself) to a third party repair shop. PC was there for 10 days and guy that worked at my case said that problem is with AMD software, so he swapped it up with the old one. 
But when i came back home problem appeared after only 4 min of using youtube.
I tried many many many things... learned so much just to fix it, but not luck.
Then something clicked and i somehow found that some of AMD Ryzen 3rd gen processors got some problem with the threads. 
Using the AMD Ryzen Master i disabled SMT(simultaneous multithreading), and problem was gone.
It rarely appears, and i haven't jet sent my R5 3600 back, but i will soon.
Best of luck!


There are problems with Windows 10 but AMD has to shoulder some of the blame too. My RX 480 has been equally problematic with crashing and BSOD faults and worse.

Journeyman III

Same problem. Getting so frustrated