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Journeyman III

Asus TUF 6900XT voltage jumps

Hey guys i'm having a small issue with my card. Basically no matter how i set the voltage in the adrenalin software, it keeps jumping up and down to random numbers. I understand if it'd jump below the value i have set, but i can't understand why if i have 1100mV set, the card mostly stay above that, most of the time maxed out at 1175mV. I took a quick 25 seconds youtube clip to show this behavior. Im running the latest drivers (21.3.2). I tried gpu tweak 2 (asus proprietary app for tuning the card) but even then the voltage cannot stay at a fixed value.

Hope anyone can help me, here's the link to the clip

Thanks in advance and stay safe friends.

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Well, as it's an asus card. then you better speak to them.

Why would you use their garbage software (gputweak/aisuite) ?

Been long known using 3rd party oc/fan tweak software with amd tuning may cause issues (use one or the other, not both).

 Do some web searching. you'll find many compatibility issues (not amd problem) over years.

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Well the fact is, i tried both. First adrenalin only. Then gpu tweak only having the display driver installed through device manager to ensure adrenalin doesn't come into play.

I don't understand the rudeness of people on this subject. I posted the same thing in a couple of reddits and discord servers and i got the same condescending as*holy snarky reply.

All you could have said it's "try to contact asus, we can only help on amd reference cards here", but nope, had to go there and treat me as im the type of dude that calls tech center asking why the computer it's not turning on not noticing it's not plugged in to a socket. Jeez.

Thanks for reporting this. 
The 6900XT/6800/XT series have the ability to monitor input current to the entire GPU and VRM stages unlike 5700XT and below.
These AMD GPUs should have the ability to fully control input power to the entire card so AMD should be able to fix this problem.
It is likely you should see a fix in a driver or GPU VBIOS update in the future.
Please make sure you file a Bug Report using Bug Reporting Tool if you are ok with AMD Data Trawl. 



It's a problem with the card itself. And it's a common problem.

By the sounds of it no driver update will be able to fix it. Your best option is to return the card and get your money back if you can.


If it doesn't spike above 1.35 volts, it's safe for vast majority of 7nm products. As I understand, yours simply boosts up to available maximum of 1.175, without overvolting, and it doesn't cause any errors, BSODs or failures. If it is really a hardware issue as mentioned above, and presumable unfixable via software update, you'll have to just deal with it. Unless the vendor happens to be in particularly user-friendly mood, this is not a warranty case. Anyhow, 6900XTs currently on the market have decent cooling, so it baffles me why you would downvolt instead of raising the clock. 


You might want to make sure you run DDU first to remove all traces of previous driver installations:

It might be worth a try doing a complete DDU driver removal whilst disconnected from the internet. 
Then just install the AMD 21.2.3 driver installation files under C:\AMD\Non-WHQL-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-21.2.3-Win10-64Bit-Feb22

You should then be able to use Device manager Update Driver to point to INF directory of the AMD Driver you want to install (C:\AMD\Non-WHQL-Radeon-Software-Adrenalin-2020-21.2.3-Win10-64Bit-Feb22\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF)) without installing Adrenalin 2020 GUI/UI. 

Then you should be able to install ASUS GPUTWEAK to control you card w/o the presence of Adrenalin 2020 GUI/UI. 


can anybody please tell me the idle temperature of 6900 xt, especially in tuf 6900 xt, in a full tower case while only cpu fan working like during web browsing? i dont use any airducts inside the tower. if you undervolt this card or limit max frequency or limit fps, will the idle temperature decrease? if yes by how much? answers would be appriciated, thanks