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Journeyman III

Asus RX480 STRIX stutter with update 18.2.1


Whenever I try updating to Adrenalin edition 18.2.1, my RX480 loses it. It stutters and is choppy in every game, while the fps remains fairly high. When I go back to my old drivers (16.5), everything runs smooth and does not stutter. I tried everything, I even tried reinstalling windows for a clean driver install. However, nothing seems to work and remains to stutter with Adrenalin 18.2.1.

Are there any fixes for this? I also tried the beta version, 18.4.1, but with no success.

My rig:

Mobo: Asus prime a z370

CPU: Intel 8600K

GPU: Asus strix rx480 8GB

Ram: trident z rgb 3200mhz 16GB

PSU: Seasonic focus gold 750 WATT

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Re: Asus RX480 STRIX stutter with update 18.2.1

Are you using extended monitors?

I have a similar issue but it's only in effect when extended monitors is enabled and one or both is shut off. Major stutter on mouse/desktop/typing.

I had to drop back to 17.12.1

ASUS TUF X570 wifi, AMD Ryzen 5 5600G, ASUS ROG STRIX RX580 8G Gaming, Antec Truepower new 700w. 16GB