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Adept I

Assassin's Creen Origins: Crashes and Intense Glitches

After the second most recent driver update, I managed to spawn (and move my camera) without the game crashing. Earlier, I would spawn, move the camera to look around and it would crash. It would run for a while as long as I didn't move the camera. Today, I managed to play an hour and could move the camera freely as the issue seemed resolved with the second latest and latest drivers. Then I fast-travelled to a different location. Upon spawn, and moving the camera, it crashed. And now it keeps crashing,  sometimes giving me intense glitches, flickering in all colours over my screen. Cleanup Utility + Clean Install did not solve the problem. Temperatures are fine, power is sufficient, hardware is fine and I don't encounter problems with a variety of other games.AMD Saftladen 2.jpg

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