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Adept I

Asrock RX 6600 Chalenger Black Window during Drive instalation

Hello friends, I changed my 1050 TI to a Asrock 6600 Chalenger, but he wont work...

1- During the Win's 11 instalation the monitor goes to "black screen"...

2- I returned my 1050 TI to PC, and re-install the Win'11...

3- After Win's 11 installed and full upgraded i've tryied install the rx 6600...

4- Black Screen after "Bio's Screen"...

5- After this, Secure Mode and reverted the RX 6600 driver to "Microsoft's Minimal Video Driver"...

6- And now, I've using my PC, waiting one solution.

7- PS, tryed ALL drivers, DDU, other HDMI cable, and million other things.

8 - Configuration:

       AMD Ryzen 5 3600

       Mobo Biostar A320MH

        PSU Corsair 80 + 600W

        16 GB ram Team Group 2666Mhz (2x 8Mhz)  

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Adept I

How i solved the problem:

1- Disabled in the Windows 10: Firewall, Microsoft defender and automatic driver update

2- In "secure mode": DDu (remove and NO reset)

3- In "secure mode" open "Adrenaline Software" and install "Only Driver", in My case driver model "22.5.1"

4- Unplug ethernet cabe (yes, i think "windows go try bug the process")

5- Reset the System

6- BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!